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it lifted the trash

it lifted the gold

all swept into some diluvian fold
18 July 1984
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locked creative notes journal.


psych_30 challenge. 'cuz nothing says fun like giving my characters more issues than they already have.

1.Transference 2.Daddy Issues 3.Addiction 4.Ego/Id 5.Multiple Personality
6.Inferiority Complex 7.Nature vs. Nurture 8.Phobia 9.Sociopath 10.Approach-Avoidance
11.Castration Anxiety 12.Collective Unconscious 13.Delusion 14.Fixation 15.Halo Effect
16.Fetish 17.Group Think 18.Instinct 19.Separation Anxiety 20.Learned Helplessness
21.Rationalizaton 22.Libido 23.Vicarious 24.Skinner Box 25.Placebo Effect
26.Obsession 27.Catharsis 28.Free Association 29.Repression 30.Denial


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